Board Members.

​Jeff Baughman, President

​Jeff has a background in the field of addictions  and mental heath as well as communications. He is an incredible advocate for Compassionate Hearts and gives tirelesslely of his time and talents!

Bernadette Salapek RN, Treasurer

​Bernadette has an extensive background in nursing to include, home health care, hospice, hospital, geriatric and administration. Her compassion for people is an incredible asset to Compassionate Hearts.

Robert Kelly, Secretary

​Robert joins us with an eclectic background as a retired NYC police officer and his second career as a retired nurse. In his retirement Bob volunteers weekly at Habitat for Humanity. His dedication to giving back to the community is inspiring!


Rosemary Baughman LCSW, CADC, EAGALA certified

Executive Director

​Rosemary has over 20 years experience in the mental health field, to include children, youth and adults. Her training includes attachment theory, PCIT, Addictions, Trauma, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Crisis.  As her daughter began her involvement with horses it was clear the connection and Rosemary has made it her current life's work to assist people heal, utilizing horses as an alternative to traditional treatments.

Linda Muncy, Equine Specialist, EAGALA certified

​Linda has over 30 years experience training horses and providing riding lessons for people. In the last 14  years she has boarded up to 16 horses at a time at her facility. She is a pastors wife, giving her a unique perspective on people, became EAGALA certified in 2012.

​Elena Fierro-Wise, Equine Specialist, EAGALA certified

​Elena is a life long horse woman, owning and showing horses. She has provided training and has been an active 4H horse advisory member for years. Elena is married to a Veteran which allows her unique insight into the military community and assists with connecting with our military participants.

​Lindsay Fitzgerald, MSW, 

​Lindsay is working toward her LCSW, has EAGALA training, PCIT certified, and has worked with youth and their families in the community via Crisis programming for over 8 years. She is a trained yoga instructor and an advocate for alternative treatments for those that do not respond to traditional methods.

Katherine Snyder, LCSW, EAGALA certified

​Katherine has an extensive history in the mental health field including individual, family, community and group programming. Kathy is certified in TF-CBT, EAGALA and also provides victims services at her successful private practice. Her love of horses has brought her to Compassionate Hearts and she owns one beautiful blue roan.

Julianne Giannone, Equine Specialist, EAGALA certified

​Julianne has a lifelong love of animals and owns a therapy dog whom she takes to visits at local agencies. She is a certified special education teacher in a local school district, currently teaching 5th grade. Julianne has a background with horses since her youth, was on college equestrian team and served on NYC mounted patrol.